In order to graduate from Auburn with a nonprofit and philanthropy minor, you must participate in a practicum consisting of at least 135 hours. My passion for helping new companies is why I pursued this minor. Luckily one of Auburn's local businesses is a for-profit that gives its profits away to a nonprofit. Chirpwood works directly with Bridge2Rwanda, a nonprofit that prepares high school students in Rwanda to come to the US for college and help build new businesses in Rwanda after they graduate. Chirpwood is a mix of an art gallery with local artists' work, a coffee coworking space, and a custom frame shop. I worked with them to help promote their various services and products. 


The majority of my time was spent shadowing the Chirpwood CEO, Scott Moody, and helping him manage the start-up and promote his projects. My main goal was to help with social media to promote the Chirpwood brand. In order to do this, we had to figure out the main target audience. With Chirpwood's new product "TwoStick Frames" in mind, we decided to focus on young women in the Auburn/Opelika area. The majority of my time was spent working with the company Instagram and building a reputation as the community brand in the Auburn area. I also worked with Mr. Moody to build the TwoSticks website and edit the Chirpwood site. I loved learning new skills and knowledge to help both sites and create new organic traffic. 


I started this practicum with an Instagram audit which helped me create and fulfill these various goals:


  • Increased the number of followers by adding more users in our target market
  • Created an overall aesthetic to promote the quality of the brand and give credibility for our products. 
  • Produced high-quality content through editing and creating posts for stories and feed
  • Posted stories to become more active with followers
  • Contacted local artists and influencers and worked on collaborations to promote our TwoSticks